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While businesses have a general understanding of the value of big data analytics for insights, it can be trickier for marketers to explain the various ways social analytics reporting can benefit the bottom line. I tend to describe the business value as ‘contextual intelligence’ that we’re able to extract through Big Data dives. Context is what drives better quality messaging and content output that will resonate with your audience.

I’ve listed below key examples of how we use a bespoke mix of paid analytics tools to create data-driven reports that help address various business pain points for our clients in ways that help them take effective, immediate action.

Share of Voice and Competitor Analysis

Organizations of all kinds are always interested to see how they’re performing against competitors, compartitive companies or organizations and/or ‘aspirational’ organizations, and we pull real-time data to create rolling reports on a competitor’s share of voice online in social media, traditional media, forums, and blogs. This gives clients real-time insight into:

  • How their competitor’s social media accounts are performing.
  • How much engagement a competitor’s content receives across these channels.
  • Who their key influencers and brand advocates are (and potentially yours too).
  • How your brand’s share of voice ranks in comparison.

Below is an example using Sysomos:

Adding in our SEO services using SEMrush and Revvim, we’re able to make recommendations that drive not only your share of voice, but your digital footprint across all your online assets.

Influencer Mapping & Outreach

With the rise of industry thought leaders to celebrity bloggers and Insta-famous models, we’ve seen social influencers amass audiences from 10,000 up to 10 million followers. Brands are increasingly seeing the ROI value in working with key influencers to help raise awareness around products, services and campaigns.

When engaging in big data dives for clients, I’m able to easily identify key influencers for a brand name and/or based on specific search terms. Furthermore, I’m able to see who these influencers engage with, and criticallywho they influence. After all, it is the influencer’s valuable followers network that brands are ultimately trying to reach.

Crisis Communications

This same set of tools can help us get ahead in crisis communications as well. Here’s a look at how conversations were mapped during a London Tube strike:


I regularly remind clients that content without context simply a waste of time and resources. You should always be analyzing your own social data to learn how audiences are responding to your products, services and campaigns. Using the right mix of tools, we’re able to provide data-driven counsel to our clients, and unlock the contextual intelligence they need to fine-tune their messaging and ensure it resonates with their audiences.

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