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We talk about it all the time, everyone, from Lady Gaga (@LadyGaga) to @Starbucks to news organizations (@NYTimes) are using Twitter to engage with fans, facilitate customer service, and distribute news.

With Twitter now at 300 million users, your audience is there – and growing.

The aim of Twitter Boot Camp, an entirely online course, is to teach you how to maximize the impact that Twitter can have on your business or personal brand.

And you’re in great hands… Editor Lauren Dugan (@alltwtr) aims to make sure you come away with practical, hands-on knowledge.

We’ll talk with Lauren about what she’ll be teaching and how it’s relevant to you.

What makes all the difference for me, is that they’ll show you how to review analytics to measure your success (yay!), use hashtags to direct conversations, and optimize your tweet schedule to make sure you’re reaching your followers when they’re listening.

I’ve got a special promo code for those who want to attend and save, just use JN25 when registering. This is going to be fantastic opportunity to learn on your time.


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