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So I’ve done some radio work and l freaking love it. It’s more than an excuse to talk… it’s a chance to report useful information and share. It’s the original user-generated content, if you think about it. And for that, I love the medium.

I’m in the process of deciding if I should find time to prusue more radio work… actually, podcasting. Please take a listen to my pieces and give me your feedback — or job leads, collaborations and the like! 😉

(For those interested, all clips available for license online through Jennifer’s PRX page)

Disabled But Able, 04:41
For the disabled, the weakened economy has lead to layoffs, rejection and difficulty achieving or maintaining independence. Centers like the one in Queens are working to help the disabled use their time as unemployed workers to become better skilled and more competitive job seekers through education and support.

Avital Under Fire, 04:06
Since surviving a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, Israeli singer-songwriter Avital Schutz has sought refuge in New York City, where’s she’s now waging a much more personal battle – to become a professional songstress.

Carpe Diem Today?, 01:55
As a society both structure or lives around work as well as derive meaning from it. My hope is to inspire thought about how we ‘seize the day’ — or even our lives — from this notion.

Modeling Scam, 01:37
Instead of making millions modeling, thousands of people got stuck with the check after getting caught in a scam.