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We believe that business is about more than just generating more profits.

It’s about doing well, of course, but it is about doing GOOD, too.

Data Drives Us

That’s why, as well as award-winning creative, database-melting analytics, and compelling, engaging campaigns, our expert team, lead by Jennifer Neeley, put just as much energy into giving back.

About Jennifer Neeley

Energetic speaker, consultant, instructor, and author, Jennifer “Gigi” Neeley is the Founder of US and UK-based JND Global (now acquired), a full-service digital marketing, social media, SEO and content marketing agency and management consultancy. From entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 brands, Jennifer helped develop and implement integrated digital marketing, social media, influencer and content marketing programs that delivered measurable results, and help put companies and their executives on the digital map, turning around or increasing their profitability.

Current and former clients include Apigee, Castlight Health, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and Microsoft, as well as high-profile health care and technology executives who are referred to Jennifer for her discreet, strategic counsel. She is known for brining left and right brain ideas together through novel marketing and strategy.

Jennifer brought her skills to Iraq’s Green Zone in 2011, where she worked with an international NGO to show them how to use practical tools like Google Analytics to identify where and how to disseminate information about voting rights. Her work coincided with the Arab Spring, which would lead to further opportunities to provide input on how to use social media to positive effect.

Jennifer earned her Master of Science (MS) from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of California, Berkeley. She has also completed programs at Lund University in Sweden and the American Conservatory Theater, and taught ESL (English as a Second Language) as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan.

Currently teaching at UC San Diego, Jennifer a regular media fixture, routinely providing commentary on digital and social media to TV news outlets. She is also a sought-after speaker, and contributes to a number of online publications including Forbes, Social Media Today, Business2Community, and Medium.

Jennifer is passionate about giving back, and is an active participant on a number on nonprofit boards. She also maintains numerous professional memberships, and is active in the lifestyle and fitness community as a yoga teacher and health coach. She continues her personal development by studying Ayurvedic medicine.

Jennifer is currently working on research that aims to measure the impact of social media on at-risk health communities, as well as the mental health benefits of trauma-informed yoga offered to community groups who do not otherwise have access.

Let’s Work Together!